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Stellantis hires Black-owned agency to bolster multicultural marketing

Detroit-based Ignition Media Group will consult the automaker on North American brands Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo and Fiat. 

Penske, Hendrick tops in online reputation study

Nissan and Infiniti outranked other auto brands, according to the study by Reputation, which helps companies manage online reviews and customer feedback.

Jeep boss: I pity the Ford

The rivals are battling it out over the supremacy of their off-road vehicles, with Jeep brand leader Jim Morrison taking a few pot shots recently at Ford.

Ford works to construct Maverick base with DIY appeal

Ford thinks its highly customizable small pickup can win over younger, budget-conscious buyers and foster loyalty among owners.

Geneva show further postponed until 2023

Organizers said the show will come back "stronger than ever in 2023" after the event planned for next February was postponed because of coronavirus-related issues.

GM hires first-ever digital chief

Edward Kummer, a digital and marketing leader, who has had posts at Nordstrom, Oakley and Walt Disney Co., joins the automaker this month.

‘New' Aston Martin DB5s drive like originals, thanks to ZF

The 25 Goldfinger DB5 continuation cars being hand-built by craftsmen don't just look like the originals used in the 1965 movie, they drive exactly the same.

EV marketing needs a reality check

Electric vehicles still have disadvantages compared with their internal combustion counterparts, but they could be successfully pitched as ideal second vehicles in family fleets.

Ford, GM aim to settle trademark fight over hands-free driving

The tit-for-tat legal skirmish began in July when GM sued Ford for violating its trademarked driver-assist technology.

Geneva show will keep cars as main focus

The Geneva show will return in 2022 after a two-year absence. It will keep the automobile as its focus, Sandro Mesquita, CEO told Automotive News Europe. All Rights Reserved. Index